Seven Years by Dannika Dark

OMG! I have a new book boyfriend! Austin Cole, I love you with my whole heart! Ok where do I start…First Lexi is one of the most loveable strong female characters I have read about in a long time, and Maizy stole my heart! I relate to the Mom who has been through hell and back again in ways I didn’t think possible, and Denver takes my breath away!

Dannika Dark has done it again! In this wonderful shifter world there are alpha males who are not control freaks, there are just strong men, who love with everything they have and protect those they love just as fiercly, and that is Austin Cole, after being away for Seven long years he shows up and steals Lexi’s heart all over again, though neither will let the other know. Lexi has just been stunbling through life not knowing exactly what she was looking for, she was a good girl, with a job, and trying to move on with her life and BAM, life threw her the biggest curve ball ever. 

To see the love these two had for each other play out was both beautiful and amazing, there were no long drawn out overly descriptive parts, it kept flowing, and kept you interested the entire time. The last half of the book kept me up ALL NIGHT because I could not put it downn! Thank you Dannika, you have wowed me once again, and now I cannot wait for the next book!Image


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