Shadows of the Past (The Others of Edenton #2) By Brandy L Rivers

Shadows of the Past (The Others of Edenton #2) By Brandy L Rivers

This book is the second in the series but there are also a couple of Novellas that are must reads as well.
This books is action packed and full of love. I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first and both Novellas and cannot wait for the next adventure in this crazy town full of supernatural beings.
Amethyst is running from her past, and she follows her best friend Fallon to Edenton, because she is told she will not have to hide what she is there because there are other Fae, Mages, and shifters there and she will be embraced and accepted. Amethyst has always been afraid of her powers and now that she feels responsible for her ex boyfriends death, she is even more scared, and the first impression of Edenton was not a good one, however she was introduced to the sexy Sheriff Hayden who just happens to be an Earth Fae. Crazy things start happening around town and normal nice people start doing things they normally would not do, and Preston is coming to the resuce again.
As the story moves along Hayden and Ame fight their feelings but not for very long, because the attraction is just too strong for both of them, but moving a little fast for Ame’s liking.
I strongly suggest this series, especially if you are a paranormal romance, urban fantasy lover like myself! Action packed, and some hot steamy love scenes you won’t want to miss!


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