The Order of the Black Swan book 1

The Order of the Black Swan book 1

This book has action, love, romance, love triangle, suspense, and comedy all rolled into it!
A Paranormal Romance like no other I have read, about a group of Knights who have been chosen to save the world from vampires before the secret of them gets out. One day a door from another dimension opens and drops a woman into their chamber and their lives change forever. Elora is froma parallel universe where there are only stories about vampires, elves, fae and such, when she lands into this new world she finds out that they are not just stories any longer. Her strength and speed makes her a good candidate for the Knights, but two of the knights have fallen for her, as well as the ancient vampire who has agree to help the Knights. This action packed book, was a little of everything I love about reading, I actually laughed so hard I cried at one part, and felt like I knew the characters and what they were thinking before they said it. I highly recommend this book to everyone!


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