Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton #1.5)

Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton #1.5)

This was a very good preview of what is to come. I love how Brandy keeps characters from the other books included in the rest of the series. Amethyst is already a character that I love, and cannot wait to hear the rest of her story, and how Carl gets away with whatever he is planning for his revenge. Preston is one of the male characters that I have fallen for, something about him makes me want to know everything about him. Good Job, leaving us devoted readers wanting more Brandy!

In Too Deep (Others of Edenton #1)

In Too Deep (Others of Edenton #1)

In Too Deep was an exciting, action packed, yet tender love story of two people who have had their hearts broken finding the love they deserve. I could almost feel the chemistry between Brody and Fallon, and felt like I slowly watched her strong walls come down as the story unfolded.I became invested in the other characters as well, and hope to hear all of their stories in the future. This is one of those books I could read over and over again.

New Beginnings (Others of Edenton 0.5)

New Beginnings (Others of Edenton 0.5)

New Beginnings is the prequel to In Too Deep. Jess is the feisty best friend to Fallon, which we met in the first book. Jess is a wolf/woman who has admittedly made a few mistakes in her love/sex life and needs to escape her last bad decision of sleeping with her Alpha in a hurry.Jess meets her new Alpha Slater and it is obvious they have a spark between them right away, even if they didn’t want one.
Slater and Jess are a cute couple who fight their feelings and each other in ways that just bring them closer together. The fear they have of falling for each other is as intense as their feelings themselves. I love how the writer keeps the action going throughout the book, and the introduction you receive of all of the different characters.There is a relationship that forms with the characters while reading that makes you anxious to read what happens next. I cannot wait to read Hayden’s story because now I am invested.